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Gerri Green  Art Works

STORMY WEATHER  - 24X24  Acrylic on canvas - 800.00 -SOLD

ME Hiking at Grandfather Mountain.JPG

HIKING GRANDFATHER MOUNTAIN  36X36 acrylic on canvas.        1500.00  SOLD

OCTOBER REFLECTIONS  30X40 acrylic on canvas.        1500.00  SOLD


LAKEHOUSE REFLECTIONS  - 24x36 acrylic on canvas    2100.00

VIEW AT CEASAR'S HEAD PARK - 24X24 acrylic on canvas - 900.00

ME Blue Ridge.JPG

BLUE RIDGE BLUES -24X36 - acrylic on canvas -2100.00    SOLD

TABLE ROCK - 24X24 acrylic on canvas - 900.00

FOREST FLOOR ON TOP OF MOUNTAIN - 12X12 acrylic on canvas - 225.00  SOLD

SPIRIT IN THE SKY  acrylic on canvas 900.00  SOLD

PURPLE HAZE  Acrylic  24x18   600.00

HERE COMES THE SUN  Acrylic 24x24  900.00

MUSKOKA LAKE SUNSET  Acrylic  24X18  800.00

LOVIN' LAKE LURE 36X36 Acrylic on canvas Framed  2900.00

JUNALUSKA  36x36 Acrylic on Canvas Framed  2900.00

JOCASSEE - CLEAR WATERS  36X36 Acrylic on Canvas Framed 2900.00

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