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Gerri Green  Art Works

12x12 acrylic on canvas - framed scenes of
Liberty Bridge and Downtown Greenville 150.00

new works 2020

'Morning Blush' shows shrimpers waking up on Shem Creek. 22x28 acrylic/canvas 750.00

'Gusty Winds' bring movement to the scene.  12x12 acrylic/canvas with silver floating frame 150.00

Coastal Colors Collection and More

'Kissing Clouds' I looked up from the cold water and winter grasses, and saw a mama cloud kissing her baby.   22x28 acrylic/canvas 750.00

'Crescendo!' shows the colors being bold and loud,  not shy.   22x28 acrylic/canvas 750.00

'Decrescendo!' shows the muted colors and a peaceful tidal creek.   24x24 oil/canvas 750.00

'Green Green Grass of Home' brings the detail of the emerald grasses.   18x24 oil/canvas 800.00

'A Walk in Altrerugo' shows October colors on the slopes of the Dolomites and a landscape recovering from an earthquake.  24x28 oil/canvas 1250.00


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