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Gerri Green  Art Works

STORMY WEATHER  - 24X24  Acrylic on canvas - 800.00 -SOLD

ME Hiking at Grandfather Mountain.JPG

HIKING GRANDFATHER MOUNTAIN  36X36 acrylic on canvas.        1500.00

OCTOBER REFLECTIONS  30X40 acrylic on canvas.        1500.00


LAKEHOUSE REFLECTIONS  - 24x36 acrylic on canvas    1500.00

VIEW AT CEASAR'S HEAD PARK - 24X24 acrylic on canvas - 900.00

LAKEHOUSE REFLECTIONS - 24X36 acrylic on canvas - 1500.00

TABLE ROCK - 24X24 acrylic on canvas - 900.00

FOREST FLOOR ON TOP OF MOUNTAIN - 12X12 acrylic on canvas - 195.00

SPIRIT IN THE SKY  acrylic on canvas 900.00

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