Art Works  workshops are fun and build confidence!

A completed piece of art, framed, and ready to hang, is affirmation that you really can finish what you start.

See your view of the world, and yourself through new eyes... the eyes of the artist in you.


Level 1 projects like this take about 2 hours.

You work on a 12X12 canvas using acrylic paints.

It's your introduction to basic color mixing and composition.

You are guided through the process to ensure your piece of art represents your view of the subject. No two are exactly alike!

Your new masterpiece will be framed, ready to hang at the end of the class.

Coming Soon!  More classes... more subjects, more challenging, more fun!  


Home Gallery is the Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville where works are on exhibit and for sale year-round.

Commissioned works reside in private collections and homes internationally.

Art Works classes are available to groups and individuals by appointment.

For sales and information please contact us at