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Oil paintings are marked with a ready date to ensure that each one is sufficiently cured and dry for purchase and shipping.

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NOTE:  Hand touched and signed giclee prints, on heavy paper or canvas, can be ordered for some paintings.

Priced according to size at 30 cents per sq/in. Send a message and place order. 

Summer Solstice 

Floating Sky.JPG

Floating Sky

Still Waters

Egret Family

Family Matters


Straight Up  24x36 Oil on Canvas 1800.00

Straight Up, No Chaser

Knife w Oil Sky's the Limit

Magic Morning at Murrell's Inlet - Tryptik

Sky's The Limit  SOLD

CC Autumn Air.JPG

Autumn Air

CC Autumn Blush.JPG

Autumn Blush

CC Autumn Gold.JPG

Autumn Gold

Our Day Will Come

Our Day Will Come


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Commissioned works reside in private collections and homes internationally.

Art Works classes are available to groups and individuals by appointment.

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Autumn Gold 16x18 Oil with knife on canvas, Framed 325.00